Greetings gamers around the globe!

Each of us has a favorite game and it often pains us when a new game shows up, forcing us to leave it behind. Most of the times, I felt that I needed about a full year to really appreciate the depth and breadth of high quality games. Sadly, the world does not take this into consideration and releases hundreds, if not thousands, of new games each year. Of course, like any game aficionado, I love to check out new games and play them. However, there are times when I want to stop and return to games I once spent countless hours on. Those precious moments of pride, glory and sheer epicness all flood back to me when I play them. I want this blog to serve as a haven for games that no longer receive worldly attention so that they can live on and endure.

Currently, I intend to share strategies, tips, guides, opinions or any game-related information within a particular game. By doing so, I hope I can rekindle interest and enthusiasm for that game once more. I do hope that I find many gamers who share the same passions as I do and make this blog into a budding community of mature and dedicated gamers.

Built on the same principle, Olandew Gamers also has a YouTube channel, which is undergoing construction. I will notify you as soon as I post my first video!


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  1. Hello gamers! If you wish to join me on World of Tanks Blitz, add me as friend! My account is Sturmkurassier and I play on Asia server!

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  2. Looks like a nice site, sir. I have subscribed 🙂


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