WOT Blitz: Vehicle Reviews

Hello everyone!

Don’t you just love tanks? Those large tracked armored hunk of metal firing large caliber rounds at other equally stupendously large tracked armored hunk of metal? Tanks are fascinating modern marvels that represent the perfect marriage of technological prowess and intelligent design that screams destructive might. Although I would love to drive a real world tank, tanks are not readily available for civilian use (duh!). So I play World of Tanks Blitz to quench my thirst for tank combat!

There are many vehicles available in World of Tanks Blitz. To inform players who want to try out new vehicles and to show appreciation for the vehicles themselves, I decided to write extensive reviews on all the vehicles that I have had the honor of trying. I will write each review with great care and great thoroughness. One thing to mind though, I have a strong preference for German tanks so I will most likely review German tanks more often!

Later, when my YouTube channel gets ready, I will accompany each review with a corresponding video. Without further adieu, please take a look at the list below:


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