WOT Blitz: Maximus Decimus Meridius

Hello gamers!

Do you like Ancient Rome? Ever since I got my hands on the first Rome Total War game, I knew Roman military would become one of my favorites. There is one character that I admire a lot from all the films based on Ancient Rome: Maximus from the Gladiator. Maximus Decimus Meridius is an inspirational figure for many people around the world. In fact, when I served in the South Korean Army, I watched a few motivational videos made by the army that had Maximus in it. Even today, I find it enjoyable to watch some of the key battle scenes from the Gladiator like the initial battle between the Roman Legionnaires and the Germanic tribes. What I particularly like about Maximus’ leadership style is his focus on unity. Just watch the first battle scene on YouTube and you will see that he keeps reminding his cavalrymen (Equites I presume? Correct me if I am wrong!) to stay close to him. In another battle at the Colosseum, Maximus leads his gladiators and says,

“Whatever comes out of these gates, we’ve got a better chance of survival if we work together. Do you understand? If we stay together, we survive.”

I strongly recommend that you watch this battle scene. Nothing is truer than this quote when playing World of Tanks Blitz. I have had so many battles in which people go all over the place and get killed by groups of 5 to 6 tanks. Before the battle begins, in that brief 3~4 second period, I furiously type into chat these words,

  • “As one!”
  • “Survive together!”
  • “Don’t go alone!”

Sometimes when I am accompanied by sensible fellows, they usually respond with an “Affirmative” default message or a custom one like “yeah” or “ok”. It feels quite reassuring to see such messages as these players are often capable enough to hold their own ground against one or two enemy tanks. Now when players do not respond to me, that’s when I become nervous. Sure, some players are excellent and choose to remain silent either because they do not speak English (I do play on Asia server because I live in South Korea at the moment) or they probably cannot be bothered to respond to my messages since they are so talented. However, from my experience, if a player does not respond to messages encouraging mutual cooperation, he is either a noob who does not even know how to send messages (lol) or a total troll who is bent on ruining the entire team.

In the battle scene that I recommended, you can see that gladiators who do not remain in the larger group get picked off one by one by chariot archers. Same thing happens in WOT Blitz. If you are alone and have three tanks converging on your location, you cannot possibly survive as they will take shot after shot, thereby breaking your tracks, damaging your critical modules and injuring your crew.

WOT Blitz Surrounded
Can you see the mini-map? He is separated from his team! (Credits to DroidKnight)


Tanks should stay together to offer mutual fire support and focus fire on high priority targets. In my previous post, I mentioned how the German Wehrmacht used Blitzkrieg tactics to effectively destroy a foe that far outnumbered and outmatched them. The German tanks used effective radio communications to ensure maximum coordination between individual tanks. While we do not have voice chat and radios in Blitz, same principles still apply in this game and people should remember this next time to ensure victory. Overwhelming armored force is the key to success!

On a side note, I do hope that the Wargaming.net guys quickly allow us to communicate with players through an in-game voice chat function. Till then, remember, “As one!” for there is “strength in unity” as the great Protoss Hierarch Artanis once said (another character I respect and admire!).


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