Company of Heroes: Screenshot Gallery 1

Hey guys,

One of the things I enjoy a lot is to play a good Company of Heroes game and then replay the game in cinematic mode to watch my own WW2 movie. From now on, I will release Company of Heroes Screenshot Gallery posts every now and then for your amusement!

American Mortar Team
American Mortar Team travels along the road!
American Riflemen Squad
American Riflemen Squad take aim at their enemies!
Kradschutzen & Volksgrenadiers
Motorcycle troops and Volksgrenadiers advance and engage!
Panzer IV and Half-Track
Panzer IV and Panzergrenadiers on Half-track coordinate an attack!
Panzer IV Platoon
Panzer IV platoon assaults enemy base!
Running Pioniers
Pioniers running to capture their next objective!
SdKfz 251 and MG Crew
Half-Track MG 42 crew fire on American Riflemen!
Tiger Tank Advancing
Tiger Tank advances along the road!




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  1. V Richardsen says:

    Nice blog! I like your happy writing style, if I may say so.


    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoy it 😉


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