Company of Heroes: Screenshot Gallery 2

Greetings fellow commanders!

It is currently raining outside my house and I felt like playing a game of Company of Heroes in a rainy setting. One thing that Relic did really well is to change the unit speech depending on the weather conditions. So a lot of your units will comment on the torrents of rain ruining their weaponry (but don’t worry, the rain does not have any real effect on gameplay – it’s just there for aesthetics). I have a total of eight images to share with you in this issue of the CoH Screenshot Gallery. Hope you enjoy them!

American Flamethrower Engineer
American Flamethrower Engineer – “This rain doesn’t make my job easier… :/”
Combined Arms Assault in the Rain
Panzer Elite leads a combined arms assault in heavy rain!
Flakvierling Crew in the Rain
I kind of feel sorry for these guys… They are going to get wet… THOROUGHLY!
German Armoured Column
German armour advances towards the enemy base!
Half-Track and Infantry in Ambush
Half-Track and Panzergrenadiers wait in ambush!
Panther Tank Firing in the Rain
Panther tank fires a shell in the rain!
Panzer IV IST Firing a Shell
Shell of Panzer IV IST caught in slow-motion!
Panzergrenadiers Advance in the Rain
Panzergrenadiers carry out their assault through heavy rain!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Vann says:

    It’s nice to know you really loved the company of heroes sequel, although the last one a bit dissapointing but it’s still great to me. I heard you have played The Liberation of Caen campaign in CoH, can you help me? Since I didn’t have the DVD which consist CoH Opposing Fronts data


    1. Hello Vann!

      I haven’t played the British campaign in CoH 1; I am not very good with the British faction. CoH 2 is not so bad as new game mechanics really make it an interesting experience.


  2. Vann says:

    So you should try the british forces in coh 2, although its overwhelming another faction, but it just great. Specially for the sherman firefly with mounted tulip rockets. Yeah maybe you can help me. I have CoH Invasion of Normandy and Tales of Valor and i already have the serial key for opposing fronts, but it requires dvd to security check. How i solve this?


    1. Hmm… I am not sure about this “DVD to Security Check” issue. I play CoH via Steam…


      1. Vann says:

        Ohh I see, it’s OK then


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