Company of Heroes: New Skin Pack

Greetings fellow commanders!

I am sure people are already using custom skin packs to make their units in CoH more historically authentic. However, for those players who are not using them or haven’t even heard of them, I want to strongly urge you to treat yourself to these awesome skin packs which are free, thanks to the modders who were talented and generous enough to share! Visit to download the skin pack of your choice. In this post, I will share some screenshots I took during my gameplay and showcase these beautiful new skins and give you a short and sweet history lesson on camouflage clothing as well as on other stuff. Note that most of these images will feature Panzer Elite as this faction represents the Waffen-SS, which further developed modern camouflage clothing concepts during World War II.


New US Flag Base Langres
“Oh say, can you see …” I can almost hear the US national anthem! Lovely star-spangled banners for the US forces! Definitely better than the original white circle with white star! Did you guys know that the current American star-spangled banner in use today was put into effect in 1960? There have been many different versions of the flag prior to this one!
New British Base
I very much prefer this flag over the original. Flags are very interesting entities as they convey national identities and symbolism. The current Union Jack flag dates from 1801 and emerged at the time of the Act of Union, which merged Ireland with England and Scotland.
New FlaK Emplacement Langres
Check out the uniform of these soldiers! They are wearing the disruptive pattern clothing used by the Waffen-SS. Their helmets also have leaves! Even the FlaK is camo-painted! These Flakvierling guns were an improvement from the original FlaK 38 by mounting a quad-gun system to increase its anti-air capabilities. Interestingly enough, the Germans soon discovered that the FlaK guns were effective anti-infantry solutions too!
New Panzergrenadier Uniform
A close-up of the new Panzergrenadier. This uniform actually suits the Panzer Elite more as Waffen-SS soldiers extensively wore camouflage clothing while normal Wehrmacht soldiers wore the typical dark grey uniform. However, it must be said that rarely did SS troops have enough clothing to actually wear a full set of camo clothing. In most cases, as you can see in the actual historical photographs, they had either the upper or lower portion of their clothing in camouflage. On a side note, Britain pioneered the use of military camouflage in the form of Khaki uniforms after the First Boer War of 1880 – 1881.
New Kettenkrad
How can we forget about the Kettenkrad, an indispensable vehicle for the Panzer Elite? I absolutely love the new camouflage paint job for this motor half-track. This vehicle was the lightest of German mass-produced military vehicles and could be transported by air by a Junkers Ju-52 aircraft! German paratroopers made extensive use of this vehicle.
New Schwimmwagen
Schwimmwagen got a new camo paint job! I don’t use this vehicle too often because I personally don’t like its doctrinal special abilities. For instance, I usually choose the Luftwaffe doctrine and absolutely love Kettenkrad’s ability to cloak itself.
New SdKfz 250 Half-Track
Ah, one of my favorite vehicles despite its weak armour profile! It is an essential ingredient in any Panzer Elite strategy that involves Panzergrenadiers. The SdKfz 250 Infantry Half-Track receives a new camo scheme that looks absolutely gorgeous.
New Scout Car
Interesting “X” pattern camo on the Scout Car. The SdKfz 221 is not often used by players as they often prefer to use the auto-cannon equipped SdKfz 222 Armored Car. I use them from time to time if I want to lock down a sector for a boost in resource income.
New Munitions Half-Track
Sadly, this vehicle is almost never used in ranked battles. I doubt that the new camo skin will make it popular among the players. This vehicle is better armored than the Infantry Half-Track and can be used to dramatically shorten cool-down time of other units’ special abilities e.g. Panzergrenadier incendiary grenades, Light AT Half-Track tread breaker. Do you see that rear-mounted machine gun? Don’t bother because you cannot load troops into this vehicle; after all, who wants to go inside a car loaded with munitions, right?
New Armored Car
An absolute must if you want to counter infantry blobs of US and Britain. New players often get overconfident with this vehicle as they think this “Armored Car” will be able to withstand small-arms fire. Keep this vehicle at a distance and use it to support your infantry units. This lightly armored vehicle gets a new paint job and looks much better!
New Wirbelwind Flakpanzer
“Wirbelwind” means whirlwind in English. A very effective vehicle with an awesome name, this armored Flakvierling carrier can shield your ground forces from enemy aircraft and suppress infantry units instantaneously. Its gun is capable of countering lightly armored vehicles but don’t force it to fight enemy tanks as you will not be able to penetrate its armor reliably and consistently, unless you are targeting their rear directly.
New Marder III Panzerjager
Historically, the Marder III was based off of a Panzer 38t chassis as Germans realized that Czech tank designs were excellent. This beautifully repainted vehicle mounts a deadly 75 mm gun and can be used to destroy enemy armour from long distances. To fully utilize its long firing range, use infantry and cloaked Kettenkrads for forward spotting.
New Panzer IV No Schurzen
Panzer IV with the short-barreled 75 mm howitzer gun. This new stripe camo paint job breathes new life into this highly useful vehicle. Note that the vehicle only has the MG 42 upgrade. This vehicle excels at neutralizing enemy infantry blobs with HE shells.
New Panzer IV Schurzen
Honestly, I think Panzer IV becomes far more threatening and bad-ass with the addition of the Schurzen armor. Give your expensive Panzer IVs this extra armor to help it deflect American Bazooka projectiles and other shaped charge weapons.
New Panzer V Panther
My favorite tank of WW2! 🙂 The makers of the skin pack added the number “211” onto the Panther’s turret. What does this number refer to, you ask? Apparently, from my brief research on the Internet, the number belongs to a particular Panther tank used by the infamous Kampfgruppe Peiper (Joachim Peiper was a Waffen-SS field officer who fought on the Western Front and had a major role at the Battle of the Bulge in 1944).
Panzer Elite Vehicle Fleet
A large vehicle collection within the Panzer Elite roster. I know the Bergetiger, Hummel, Hetzer and the Jagdpanther are missing but I couldn’t produce it due to the population cap limit. Mind you, it took quite a bit of time to arrange them like this…


Wow that was a lot of images! This skin pack made Company of Heroes a more enjoyable experience and I will continue to use it in my future gameplay. Although historically inaccurate, I guess the modders could publish an Allied Forces camouflage skin pack to make those Sherman Fireflies, Churchill tanks and Pershing tanks look more awesome! In my next article, I will review an interesting premium German tank from WOT Blitz called the Panzer IV Schmalturm. Until then, adieu!


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