Warcraft III: Musical Masterpiece

Hello everyone!

Today, I want to talk about a game that I absolutely loved and still love: Warcraft III. I once owned a CD version of the original and the Frozen Throne expansion pack but I sadly lost both of them while moving into a new house. Fortunately, I recently found out that Blizzard still offered digital downloads for my favorite Blizzard games. Yes, I suspected that the multiplayer community would not be as robust as it had been in its glory days but thanks to a couple of YouTube Warcraft III game casters, I was convinced to buy them. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were over 40,000 people playing on the Asia (Kalimdor) server. It made me happy to realize that I was not the only one who shared the deep nostalgia for the enthralling old world of Azeroth.

Current WCIII BattleNet Population
The great old Battle.Net welcome screen … 5390 users playing the original WC III and 40934 users playing Frozen Throne as of 18th July 2016! Kudos to Blizzard for supporting a game released in 2002 (14 years ago!!!). Guys, let’s keep this wonderful community alive!

In this post, I want to talk about one crucial aspect of the game that left an enduring impression on me: In-game soundtrack. To be honest, Blizzard produced some of the best in-game soundtracks I have ever come across. In the original StarCraft, the Terran theme literally blew my mind and many people have produced various versions of the song. As a Human player (I always found it easier to immerse myself into the game as Humans), I have come to adore the main human theme not only for its ability to capture the essence of the Human faction but also for its incredible capacity to describe the actual cycle of the human race as portrayed in real life history. Via this post, I want to walk through the entire 4 minutes and 44 seconds of the theme with you and tell you how this great piece of music allowed me to build the very foundations of Lordaeron with my fellow peasants, fought side-by-side with the valiant knights of the Silver Hand against the Scourge and fostered hope at the Isle of Theramore with Jaina Proudmoore.


00:00 ~ 00:54

In the beginning, mankind arrives at the heart of Lordaeron and sees before itself a vast land of mystery and danger. Although fear of uncertainty initially makes them hesitate, their strong leaders convince them to rally under a unified banner. They begin to build the cornerstones of their world piece by piece.


00:54 ~ 01:45

Lordaeron City 002
I think this is what early Lordaeron City would have looked like. Nature (or as the Taurens call it, “The Earth Mother”) still has a larger presence than humans.

Guided by their stubborn, yet firm, leaders, the proud people of Lordaeron construct a magnificent city befitting their glory. As they venture out of their boundaries, they make their presence known to others. Fascinated and convinced by their relentless passion and charisma, the noble High Elves of Quel’Thalas and the ingenious Dwarves of Khaz Modan agree to assist the young humans. Thus, the great Alliance was born.


01:45 ~ 02:13

Footman Featured Image
Truly epic, isn’t it? Lordaeron would not have reached such dizzying heights without these great footmen. Just stop for a second and slowly take in the details: His broadsword, shield, flowing cape, combat-readiness, helmet, armour, burning sky, a lonely dandelion seed …

United in their resolve and strength, the Alliance grows exponentially. Their military might and economic prowess expand and no one can challenge them. Foes of the Alliance fall one by one and humanity becomes an unstoppable force.


02:13 ~ 02:35

Lordaeron City 003
Lordaeron at its greatest. A lovely city, no? I wouldn’t mind living here during its Golden Age. Note how this city combines a lot of interesting real-world architectural styles.

Just when everyone thought mankind would collapse, humanity astonishes the world again by reaching heights unthinkable for such a young race. Its cities shine like a constellation and their pride reaches an all-time high.


02:35 ~ 03:05

Archimonde Dalaran
Archimonde, the Defiler, destroys Dalaran and his Legion destroys the rest of Lordaeron.

The Burning Legion and the Scourge strike at humanity – at first from the shadows but eventually bringing about the ultimate collapse of Lordaeron.


03:05 ~ 03:55

Jaina Proudmoore
A powerful and beautiful Archmage, Jaina used to be an apprentice of Lord Antonidas.

Shattered and filled with despair, humanity lies in ruins; however, Jaina Proudmoore appears, rallying the human survivors of Lordaeron under her banner. Guided by Medivh, the Last Guardian, and heart-broken by Arthas’ fall, she knows that she must lead her people to safety for a new hope.


03:55 ~ 04:17

Kalimdor Well of Eternity
Ah the Well of Eternity … it was this well that caused the fall of the Azshara and the Highborne. The energy released from the well caused widespread destruction throughout Kalimdor. After this, the Night Elves began to adopt Druidism to prevent corruption.

They land on the mysterious land of Kalimdor in search for a new home. In Theramore, she and the other survivors rebuild the human civilization and work hard.


04:17 ~ 04:44

Theramore City
I haven’t been able to find a decent picture of Theramore City. 😦

Future of humanity remains shrouded in uncertainty but the people of Theramore do not lose hope, firmly believing in their young sorceress leader.


Blizzard Entertainment should continue to make awesome games that have memorable soundtracks as in-game music is an integral component. It helps us immerse into the atmosphere and breathe new energy into our characters. If you like themes of other races like Night Elves and Undead, feel free to share why you like them! Take care! 😀


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