WOT Blitz: Please Don’t Lose Your Focus!

Greetings fellow tank commanders,

I write this article to express my concerns about the future of World of Tanks Blitz. Recently, due to Halloween, Wargaming introduced two completely ahistorical tanks.

Tier 7 – Dracula… what sorcery is this?
Tier 7 – Van Helsing… doesn’t it look completely out of time and place?

One of my favorite WOT Blitz YouTube caster, Bushka said that he does not want to discuss whether these tanks have the appropriate appearance in the game. I can understand that he did not want to start a fiery debate in the comments section between players who like these strange vehicles and those who prefer to keep WOT Blitz historically relevant. As you can probably guess by now, I belong to the latter group.

While World of Tanks Blitz still lacks many important features and still has a lot of room for improvement, I have always considered WOT Blitz to be the best overall WW2 tank combat simulator. Yes, I am aware of other alternatives like War Thunder but Gaijin Entertainment’s game does not appeal to me in that I cannot freely sell vehicles and aircraft belonging to a particular nation i.e. if I want my account to be purely British, I cannot do so because I am stuck with American and Russian vehicles. More importantly, as far as I feel, WOT Blitz does a relatively better job when it comes to balancing vehicle stats. I applaud Wargaming for being diligent with updates and continuously adding new features. However, I want to remind Wargaming that World of Tanks should not lose its original formula that made it into such a famous game. Adding futuristic tanks (Dracula is basically a Batmobile with a cannon mounted on it) does not make sense as the majority of tanks are from WW2 or immediately after WW2 e.g. Leopard I.

If Wargaming wants to introduce these fictitious vehicles, I would recommend that they create an entirely new game. The new game that Wargaming is introducing i.e. Hybrid Wars could potentially have Dracula and Helsing without any problems. I want World of Tanks Blitz to continue to reign supreme as the ultimate WW2-era tank combat simulator game for years to come. So please, don’t lose focus and stay historically relevant!


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