Company of Heroes 2: Improvement Ideas – Customizable Commanders

Hello everyone!

Who is your favourite commander in Company of Heroes 2? Obviously, the answer to this will differ depending on what faction you play the most. For me, when I play as the British Commonwealth, I often prefer to use the Vanguard Operations commander who provides a fantastic Forward Logistics Glider that grants access to the excellent Commandos and various resource bonuses. In contrast, when I play as the OKW, I mostly prefer Special Operations commander because I am a huge fan of Panther tanks and this commander gives me the command-version of the Panther. Please share with us which commander you prefer most and why in the comments section!

Commanders are available either through purchase or through many hours of gameplay!

Each commander has five abilities that you can slowly acquire and utilise as you progress through the battles. As you kill more enemy units and inflict more damage, you will gain more command points. Very often, the best ability of a given commander will require the highest number of command points (CPs). For instance, if you choose to play as the Spearhead Doctrine commander for the Wehrmacht, you will require 13 CPs to summon a Panzer VI Tiger tank.

Spearhead is one of my favourite Wehrmacht commanders due to his good set of abilities!

There is one gripe I have with this current system in the game. Sometimes you wish that instead of buying commanders, it may be better if we purchase individual abilities. Why can we not incorporate “Panzer Tactician” to the Encirclement Doctrine commander? Why can we not summon the IS-2 tank as the Terror Tactics Doctrine commander? By allowing us gamers to purchase individual abilities and combine as we see fit, we can create truly unique commanders that can help flaunt our tactical geniuses and individuality on the field of battle! Would this cause balance issues? What if some gamer decided to have the following configuration?

Tiger tank, Tiger Ace, Elefant, PaK 43, Panzer IV Command Tank … looks very potent but …

As we all know, all of these units are very costly both in terms of resources and command points. By choosing all of his abilities like this, a gamer would be severely risking an early downfall as he would not be able to consolidate his foothold in the early phases of the battle. Hence, I do not foresee any balance issues arising from this proposed change as long as the resource costs remain the same.

If we could purchase individual abilities and customise the portraits of the commanders (now I would like Relic to ensure that people do not post ahistorical or strange commander portraits and ruin the historical immersion factor), not only we gamers would benefit greatly but Relic itself can earn more money. Of course, they can add more purchasable abilities; they need only look at the workshop community and gain inspiration from there. Some of the easiest additions could be in the form of new call-in units such as Panzer III (Ausf. L or N), Hummel Self-Propelled Artillery and Crusader tanks.

I sincerely hope that Relic continues to improve Company of Heroes 2 even though they must be busy with the recent release of Dawn of War III. However, to be frank, Relic succeeded and made themselves famous via the Company of Heroes franchise. They should not forget what it was that made them successful. At the very least, this could be implemented in the next release of Company of Heroes. What do you guys think of this idea? Do you have other ideas to improve our beloved game? If so, please share them in the comments section!


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